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"INSIDE-OUT" Cement, Concrete, Grout, Mortar Dissolver
Green Concrete and Cement Remover, Dissolver. Works on the molecular level. Fast - Effective - Safe. Removes and Dissolves hardened dried cement, concrete, stucco, grout, mortar, lime from just about ...
*Molecularly Active 
*Dissolves Portland Cements
*Dissolves Non-Portland Cements
*Alternative to Harsh Dangerous Acids - Safe - User Freindly - No Fumes
*Readily Biodegradable > 7 days - 90%
(test method-closed bottle AEM SOP MI OSI-P) 100% Biodegradable per OECD guidelines
*Meets ASTM G-31-72 - Non-corrosive
*Enviromentally Friendly
*Cost Effective =
              Factor the X (1X, 2X, 4X)
*D.O.T. Non-regulated - 49CFR173.154 (d) (1) - Non-Corrosive
*Safe on metal, painted and plastic surfaces. The small molecular size of "Inside-Out" allows it to penetrate deep inside concrete residues and react from the insideout. Turning the hardened dried cement and concrete to
a mushy mud that rinses off with water.
INSIDE-OUT DRUM, CHEMME CO GROUP 60 gallon poly drum, recyclable
   Many Certified Formulations for the right job:
                                                                                          "Inside-Out 1X"
Strength Molecule RTU
"Inside-Out 2X"
Double D's Strength Molecule
1drum makes 2 drums
"Inside-Out 4X"
   Xtreme Strength Molecule
1 drum makes 5 drums
More formulations available - Chemme.Co is your custom formulating specialist.
(Full Formulating & Blending Capabilities)