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Thank you for choosing Chemme Co Group. Chemme Co provides environmentally friendly products, materials, and solutions for the Concrete, Cement, and

Fleet Washing Industries! Voted Worlds Best Concrete Dissolver!

Voted Worlds Best Concrete & Cement Dissolvers!!

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*Web Special Trail Size - 5 gallon Pail*

*Free Shipping*

Online orders only!


Molecular Concrete & Cement Dissolving Agent

Special Sale Price: $130.00 per 5 gallon pail 

Chemme Co Group is a manufacturing formulator of environmentally friendly, biodegradable,

user friendly, safe products!

Call us for special

[Ready Mix Concrete, Precast Concrete, Concrete Pumping, Shot-Crete, Gunite, Concrete Sawing, Concrete Paving, Prestressed Concrete, Concrete Tiles, Pave Stone, Concrete Forming, Cement Haulers, Cement Tankers, Refractories, Lime Haulers, Cement Silos, Cement Grouting, Oil Well Cementing, Brick Masons, Cement Bagging, Mortar Bagging, Grout Bagging, Concrete Bagging, Concrete Buggies, Concrete Forms, Concrete Molds, Statuary, Haul Trucks, Tanker Trucks, Fleet Washing, Power Washing, Car Washing, Mobile Detailing, Pressure Washing, Ect...]

drum and tote pricing!!

Waxes & Polishes

Anti-Foaming Agents

Concrete Admixtures

Curing Compounds

Concrete Cleaners

Chemical Dispensers

Custom Spray Systems

Custom Foam-On Systems

Industrial Lubricants

Dust Control Agents

Corrosion Prevention


Distributors Wanted

Chemme.Co - Think Global and be Green!

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